Running a Trained Neural Network on the Raspberry Pi

In my previous blog post I explained how we can improve accuracy of neural network simply by increasing the density of nodes in the hidden layer and also by training the neural network for a longer period of time. We also looked at how we can run a trained neural network by loading the weights and the model from configuration files that were generated during training.Read More »


Hosting a Bot on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3

In this blog post I will be sharing with you on how you can host your own intelligent Telegram bot powered by the Bing Image Search API and the Microsoft Cognitive Service’s Computer Vision API on your Raspberry Pi 3.

In this tutorial we will be creating a bot that allows us to request it for an image and lets say we want an image of a ship, it will give us the image of a ship together with a description of what it sees in the image.Read More »

Using Bash


As you can see from the image above, BASH is the acronym of The Bourne-Again SHell (BASH). BASH is the first thing that you would see when you first connect to your Raspberry Pi via a SSH client like PuTTY. Even if you are in the desktop environment, the BASH is readily available for you to use by clicking the command prompt like icon.Read More »


Most of you would know Linux as an operating system but it is actually a kernel that would be at the heart of  an operating system. Linux is open source and that means you can download it, use it or even edit it if you like without any restrictions. This is contrary to Windows or Apple’s mac OS X. Watch the creator of Linux itself, Linus Torvald talk about Linux.

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Getting Started


I have finally gotten my hands on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B that I ordered from one of Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official distributor. I have never actually used a Raspberry Pi before and this certainly is going to be a learning journey for me. However, I have worked with an Arduino before and a lot of people (initially me too) have a wrong conception that a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino are the same thing with different specs and name, well that’s not true. A Raspberry Pi has a totally different architecture compared to an Arduino. An Arduino is controlled by a micro-controller while Raspberry Pi is controlled by a ARM microprocessor.Read More »